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Everyone deserves a home, and
everyone deserve a community.

12 Neighbours is building a community of 96 micro homes (built in blocks of 12), as well as a social enterprise centre.

House Specs
The micro-homes are fully independent, private detached homes with a small private yard, arranged in neighbourhood blocks of 12 homes (“12 Neighbours”) with ample shared community green space in between them. Each home is 10’x24’ and has a covered front deck, a three-piece bathroom, a kitchen with sink, induction stovetop, microwave, apartment sized fridge, and sleeping accommodations for one or two people, and a living and dining area, plus a storage loft and cathedral ceiling. The homes are built to the province’s “Green Building” standard and are very energy efficient. The homes will be connected to city water and sewer.

Application Policy
12 Neighbours expects to work with Social Development, other housing agencies and nonprofits in the city, as well as existing community members, to collaborate on the selection of new community members who are in need of housing and who are the best fit for this community. Social Development currently manages a waitlist for affordable housing as well as a by-names list of people with housing needs. If anyone is interested in staying informed about when we will begin to process applications, please sign up for our newsletter or send us an email at

Social Enterprise


The Social Enterprise Centre will be a key support system and catalyst for personal and community development.

It will allow members to:

  • develop workplace skills.

  • progress at their rate.

  • earn and save money.


A dignified micro home community

where housing is just the beginning.

social enterprise centre

A patient workplace, where members can;

Develop confidence,

learn skills,
and earn money.

The social enterprise center will also provide space for external community supports,
and other programs available to

community members, like art therapy, counselling programs, recovery programs, job skills training, and more.

The social enterprise centre is the context where a healthy community will be nurtured. It will be comprised of micro-businesses that provide on-the-job training and life skills development.


Project Timeline

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about us
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Learn more about us.

Our Story

We've been studying different  development models for years. 

Now we're building our own.

Poverty Paradigm

Here we summarize our lessons learned and explain how we expect to change people's lives with this community.

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Vision & Values

What are we really setting out to do? 

How are we going to do it?



12 Neighbours Community inc. is a non-profit. Every dollar raised will go towards providing someone in need with a home, a support system, and a fresh start. 

To donate to this community, you can send an e-transfer to either:

    for "12 Neighbours Community inc." (the operating non-profit).
    This is  is not a charity so no tax receipt is issued.


    for "The LeBrun Family Foundation", a registered charity.

    A charitable tax receipt will be issued.
    Funds will be restricted for the 12 Neighbours Community project. 

We appreciate your support. You can email us if you have any questions at


Become a "Community Friend"
We'll match you up with a community member that you can get to know and help along on their journey.

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Community Partners

We welcome the business community's participation in this project. 


The community partners below have offered their services at discounted rates, and/or have contributed funds, or provided in-kind products to support this community."


We want to thank and recognize all our partners.


If you'd like to discuss becoming a community partner, email us at


SIMPRO has been helping us design and build our first tiny home at a discounted rate.