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Access Housing

Thank you for your interest in the 12 Neighbours Community. The homes in our community are rental units that are subsidized by Social Development. 


If you are interested in subsidized housing, please apply to get on the NB Housing waitlist by calling Social Development at 1-833-733-7835 


Note: We take all referrals for our subsidized houses from the NB Housing waiting list, and we do not keep an internal waiting list.


In addition, if you are currently experiencing homelessness, Fredericton has a coordinated access system, a By-Name List designed to streamline the process for people experiencing homelessness to access housing and support services.


There are several access points to speak with someone about getting on the By-Name list. You may call to make an appointment with:

  • The Fredericton Downtown Community Health Centre: 506-452-5900

  • The Fredericton Homeless Shelters: 506-450-1102 (men’s shelter) or 506-450-3001 (Grace House)

  • Fredericton Housing First (John Howard Society) 506-478-8443

  • Riverstone Recovery Centre: 506-471-6733

  • Smythe Street Church: 506-292-1482

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