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Hold It All Together

Sending us $40 is a huge help. Donations of this size will help us purchase all the small things that hold it all together. 

Everything & The Kitchen Sink 

Supporting us with $100 will help with the purchase of building materials up to $100.


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The Gift of Sleep

Donations of $200 covers the cost of purchasing a comfy memory foam mattress, to be installed.

Hot Showers

There is nothing like starting your day with a hot shower. $500 gets us started buying hot water heaters and showers. 


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Starter Kit

Starter kits are purchased for new tenants, helping them get set up with many essential household items, like cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, and more.

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Community Friend

A Roof Over Your Head

$2000 will help us buy materials to install a roof over someone's head.


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Community Activist

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Four Walls Around Me

$5000 will allow us to buy materials to frame a tiny home. 



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for One Home

$12,000 supplies the labour for one home to be built.


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We will name the house in your honour or your company name and you get to pick the interior/exterior colours 

please submit the form below prior to sending money.


We have received your information and await your donation to be sent on your own accord. 12 Neighbours  will reach out and let you know when we receive it. 

Cheque Info

Cheques can be made out and sent to:

The 12Neighbours Community Inc

3523 Woodstock Road

Fredericton, NB

E3E 1B7

E-Transfer Info
E-transfers can be sent to
Tax Receipts will be issued.



Stay informed about all volunteering opportunities by submitting your email below. We will also do our best to post these opportunities on our social media channels. 

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