Our Story

Why do so many efforts of poverty alleviation fail to achieve long lasting results? This is the question we set out to answer back in 2016.


We studied the most effective and transformative non profits across the world (mostly North America) that were making lasting impacts in their communities. 

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We then captured the heart of these organizations to better understand what they were doing and how they were doing it.

We captured their stories in a short film series.


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12N Film Series

The Alex Community Food Centres
Calgary, Alberta

Code Tenderloin
San Francisco, California

Build Inc.
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Homeboy Industries
LA, California


There were 3 things in common with these organizations.
Each one focused on dignity,
and community,
through the power of social enterprise.

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The 12 Neighbours Community Project
is most inspired by these two organizations.


Providing Hope & Dignity
The 12 Neighbours Poverty Paradigm


Poor circumstances lead to a loss of dignity and consequently a poor self identity. Effective development work is about reversing this model.


Our Vision

To create a dignified micro-home community that provides a safe space to heal, pursue opportunities, and go after your best self.

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Our Values


Kindness is healing, dignifying and empowering.
We want kindness to be embedded in the culture of this community. 

Patience / Gentleness / Tenderness / Respect / Dignity / Community


Everyone has the right to feel safe and free from harm in their community. 
Inclusiveness / Equality / Boundaries / Respect / Belonging


Providing agency means giving people the freedom to act for themselves, to make their own choices and construct a meaningful life. 
Opportunity / Autonomy / Responsibility / Hard Work

Purpose Driven

We will provide opportunity for you to pursue your best self and achieve your goals. 
Opportunity / Skill development / Job training / Self improvement / Goal setting 


Our Team

Board of Directors

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Peter Lee


Marcel Lebrun

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Sue MacQuarrie


Advisory Board

Coming Soon

We will be looking to expand our team in the coming months.
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