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Quick! Go grab a cup of coffee, or tea. We'd like to tell you a little story on how we came to create our new ‘Elements of a full life Print series’ here at the 12N Print Lab. 


Involvement began when the Print and Design Team surveyed the 12 Neighbour residents to discover, out of a list of 20 values,which ones best represent the idea of a ‘full life’ to them. Why? We’re a social enterprise fueled by our own residents, so it’s important for us to represent the community in every stage of development.  


Growth was one of the most highly voted on values during our survey. So it is the first one that we wanted to represent in our designs. Gifted creative lead, Tasha MacDougall, had the daunting task to make the element ‘Growth’ a visual representation. Tasha took pencil to pad and began sketching up thumbnails of her imagination. Wow! What a wonderful imagination she has. With over 20 different images drawn up, it was time to choose the final design.


Naturally, we chose to represent growth with the image of organic growth. Alluding to our community garden, (and the healing that we hope will happen there), we chose to use the image of a sweet pea. We represented the pea in a few different stages of its growth in order to demonstrate that everyone is at different stages of their growth or evolution in life.


Growth can mean different things to different people. For some, it might mean physical growth like getting taller, while for others, it might mean intellectual growth like learning new skills, knowledge or advancing in a career. The pursuit of growth is a continuous process, and it is essential for our well-being. Without growth we become stagnant, bored, and unmotivated. So, let’s embrace growth; let’s challenge ourselves, try new things, learn from our mistakes, and enjoy the journey.


May we all seek growth in all aspects of our lives- personal, professional, and academic. Let’s strive to be better versions of ourselves, embrace challenges, and celebrate every milestone achieved in our growth journey. 


"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance." - Eckart Tolle


*** Branded art and apparel that inspires the mutual pursuit of a full life. It’s kind of our thing. Our process is a “full life” process. Thank you to each and every neighbour that was and continues to be the motivator behind our ‘Elements of a full life Print series’.*** 


Elements of a Full Life: Growth T

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